Micro pigmentation

Micro pigmentation

රු 45000
5-6 hours


Micro Pigmentation at London Beauty Clinic Kurunegala

Hair micro pigmentation, also known as scalp micropigmentation or SMP, is an innovative cosmetic procedure that provides the appearance of a fuller, denser hairline and scalp. Ideal for individuals dealing with hair loss, thinning hair, or scalp scars, SMP offers a reliable solution to create the illusion of a closely-cropped, natural hairline.

During the SMP procedure, specialized pigments are meticulously applied to the scalp using a fine needle technique, replicating the look of individual hair follicles. This precise application allows for the creation of a realistic, three-dimensional appearance, seamlessly blending with the client’s existing hair to achieve a natural and aesthetically pleasing result.

Hair micro pigmentation is a non-invasive, long-lasting, and relatively low-maintenance solution often completing within several sessions. The tailored approach allows for the customization of hairline shape and density, ensuring that the client achieves their desired aesthetic. Whether aiming to create the appearance of a buzzcut or add density to thinning areas, SMP offers a versatile and effective remedy for various hair concerns.

By embracing hair micro pigmentation, individuals can experience a confidence-boosting transformation, achieving the look of a full head of hair without the need for daily maintenance. This cutting-edge procedure offers an empowering and realistic solution for those seeking to address hair-related insecurities and enhance their overall appearance.


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