Lip Blush & Neutralization treatment kurunegala

Lip Blush & Neutralization

Lip Blush & Neutralization

රු 25000
2-3 hours


Lip Blush & Neutralization is a cosmetic procedure that enhances and corrects the natural color of the lips. It involves semi-permanent tattooing to add a soft tint and define the lip shape. Neutralization balances lip color, addressing uneven pigmentation and discoloration. Together, they offer a comprehensive solution for enhancing lip aesthetics.

Indulge in the allure of lip beauty with our Lip Blush & Neutralization service. This transformative treatment at London Beauty Clinic, Kurunegala, combines the artistry of lip tinting with neutralization for vibrant, naturally enhanced lips.

Procedure: we begin with a thorough consultation, understanding your desired lip shade and neutralization goals. The Lip Blush process involves delicately infusing color into the lips, creating a subtle tint that complements your natural features. Following this, the Neutralization phase is a meticulous process of restoring your natural lip color, ensuring a balanced and harmonious appearance.

London Beauty Clinic’s expertly curated Lip Blush & Neutralization treatment promises beautifully enhanced lips, bringing out your inner radiance. Book your appointment for a captivating lip transformation today.

Please note that the healing process will reduce the swelling of the lips.

Touch up sessions will be needed to complete the process, these are charged at rs5000

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