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Nilani Chappell

London Beauty Sri Lanka

My clinic is committed to offering you the finest in permanent makeup services, including microblading, lip blush, micropigmentation, eyeliner, cheek blush, areola tattoo, eyelash extensions, and facials. I am dedicated to assisting you in looking and feeling your best. Whether you seek a subtle enhancement or a dramatic transformation, I possess the expertise and a diverse range of services to deliver the results you desire. Allow me to help you attain the beautiful, flawless look you’ve always wanted.

All of our products are of the highest standards sourced from the UK, and all the the services we offer are London Standards & Quality approved.

I am fulled trained permanent Make up Artist From London, England and hold multiple certificates from London Schools of Beauty and Therapy.

From London to Sri Lanka

Having lived and studied in London, England for more than 25 years, I have recently relocated to Sri Lanka. My aim is to bring with me the valuable expertise and high-quality products that I have acquired during my time in London. I am committed to providing the best quality products from the UK at reasonable prices. With the growing popularity of semi-permanent makeup and new beauty styles in Sri Lanka, the significance of using high-quality, long-lasting inks and lashes cannot be overstated as they are crucial for delivering the best possible experience.

London Beauty Academy Training

Tailored for individuals entering the realm of Permanent Makeup, these courses cater to newcomers, including those without prior experience or a beauty-related background. Whether you’re new to Permanent Makeup in general or a specific treatment, our fundamental training courses at the London Beauty Academy emphasize a comprehensive approach. Covering theory, technique, and hands-on skills, we equip you with the necessary knowledge and tools to initiate your career with confidence, paving the way for you to become a skilled Permanent Makeup or Microblading Artist.

London & UK Trained Skills to Sri Lanka

Benefiting from over a decade of experience in London, UK, we bring a Western approach and advanced techniques to our courses. Emphasizing premium products, we aim to equip our students with the skills to provide the best client experience in the beauty and permanent makeup industry.

Our courses adhere to the high standards set by VTCT, the leading Awarding and End-Point Assessment Organisation in the UK for the personal services and well-being sector. While VTCT accreditation may not be recognized in Sri Lanka, rest assured that our curriculum aligns with international rules and regulations, providing you with a globally relevant and reputable education in the cosemetic and pmu industry.

We are actively pursuing TVEC (Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission) approval, underscoring our commitment to delivering a recognized and consistent standard of education in the cosmetic and permanent makeup industry. We aspire to contribute to the elevation of the industry by ensuring that our courses meet the established criteria set by TVEC, offering a pathway to accredited and reputable education in the field of beauty and permanent makeup.